SARK V4.0.0 s200Upgrade

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Upgrading the SARK200 is simple and straightforward, it uses the regular Debian dpkg installer. You will find the actual software packages [HERE]. There are two packages which together make up the SARK platform. They are sail, which is the SARK/SAIL mainline and sailhpe which is the architecture dependent switching module. Usually you should upgrade both sail and sailhpe to the latest versions on the download site. You can tell which release of sail you have from the Globals panel in your SARK browser. To find the sailhpe release you will need to ssh to the SARK200 and use dpkg to tell you

root@s200:~# dpkg -l | grep sail
ii  sailhpe                         4.0.0-34 

To upgrade choose the release(s) you want and download them using wget. There is a folder for software upgrades on the SARK200 at /home/software

root@s200:~# cd /home/software
root@s200:/home/software# wget

Now you can install each package with dpkg as follows

dpkg -i sail-4.0/debs/sail_4.0.0-84_all.deb

Once done it is good idea to issue a commit at the SARK browser.

N.B. Asterisk will be briefly stopped while the upgrade takes place and you will lose any in-flight calls. Fot this reason you may want to the upgrade outside of normal hours.