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SARK UCS/MVP is an advanced, integrated, Asterisk-based PBX, with a browser GUI component, a SIP provisioning system and an Asterisk code generator, all from the same authors. One User-ID, One Password, One Interface.

High Performance

Unlike almost every other Asterisk Generator, SARK UCS/MVP does NOT generate complex and slow-running logic constructs into the Asterisk extensions.conf file. Instead, it uses its own high speed logic and rules engine (the HPE) written in pure C. Less than 70K in size, the HPE handles all of SARK's runtime switching decisions and it is optimized to use very short, direct instruction paths which further enhance its overall speed of execution. Furthermore, during Asterisk execution, SARK UCS/MVP uses no cumbersome, slow-running interpreters such as PHP or Perl.

High Availability

SARK UCS/MVP has fully integrated High Availability Cluster support on-board. We know of no other Asterisk workbench which offers this as an option "out of the box" in software. Failover in the event of Asterisk or platform failure is entirely automatic. Set-up is simple, requiring just four data fields to be filled out by the user. Failover takes just a few seconds and requires no reprogramming or restart of either the phones, the VoIP accounts or gateways. Analogue circuits can be run with dual hardware and T switches while ISDN circuits can be fitted with elctronic or electro-mechanical switching gear to give seamless failover and bullet proof availability for mission critical applications. For example, SARK-HA has full support for the Rhino uniport failover card and it will switch the card automatically from one server to the other. Cluster members can be taken off-line for hardware or software maintenance/upgrade, without disrupting service.


SARK UCS/MVP is 100% RPM based. Upgrades take seconds and.. more importantly in the mission critical telephony environment, they can be regressed just as quickly in the event of problems. SARK UCS/MVP is simple and intuitive to use. The panel driven GUI will build the PBX image with minimum input from the user. However, it's also easy to get under the covers if you want to change the details. SARK UCS/MVP has advanced features usually only found in high-end proprietary PBX platforms; features such as true Class of Service, Multi-tenant support, look-ahead loop/spiral detection and much more.

Advanced, extensible provisioning

SARK UCS/MVP will automatically and seamlessly provision most popular SIP hardphones making large population roll-outs painless and error-free. Snom, Aastra, Cisco, Linksys, Polycom and Grandstream units are all supported out-of-the-box. Moreover, the provisioning sub-system is extensible so that support for other phone types can quickly be added.

Sophisticated remote support features

SARK UCS/MVP has been developed from the ground up with the needs of the reseller in mind. As a result it has the most advanced remote management, configuration and diagnostic capabilities of any product in its class. Tools like the unique SIP terminal dynamic proxy and log-in functionality, (the shot above shows a remote manager dynamically logged into a Polycom phone. No special firewall or network management setup is required for this). The manager also has facilities on-board for automatic recognition and adoption of new SIP devices and a host of other advanced tools which significantly ease the burden of on-going adds, moves, changes and problem management in mid to large scale environments. Result; fewer site vists and lower costs.. for everyone.

The sensible, professional choice for real-world telephony applications

Developed by telecoms professionals who understand real-world industrial telephony and its requirements, SARK UCS/MVP regularly competes head-to-head, with and wins, against proprietary offerings from established manufacturers. SARK is easier to manage than many traditional products and it's easier to deploy. It will usually match or exceed traditional TDM systems function for function while beating them all hands down for remote and distributed telephony applications. SARK also performs extremely well in hybrid deployments where it can actively front-end and enhance some of these older proprietary platforms, bringing VoIP capability to legacy systems.

SARK UCS/MVP is delivered as a single RPM for installation on an existing SME Server 8.0 or EL5 system. Alternatively it can be downloaded as a single self-installing .iso image.