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Sail-4.0.0-54 has now been released on SME8 / Debian / SARK200(ARM) platform and is available for testing on Debian, RHEL and RasPi. This page lists the consolidation process for the code that is distributed in various versions across platforms and formats.

DEB 4.0.0-62 Fixes

The errors in the DEB 4.0.0-62 can be fixed by :

  • /opt/sark/php/sarkextension/view.php 'Both' fix line 320
  • opt/sark/php/sarkextension/javascript.js newpkey fix line 29 (fix in rpm as well)

DEB v4.0.0-57 vs. DEB v4.0.0-62

  • consolidated delete processing and added additional jquery validation
  • added timezone setter to networks
  • changed date request to system date in globals
  • Addition of a SIP multicast page capability. This is useful to page large numbers of phones. it will also work with most of the new generation of SIP overhead speaker devices. Phone types which we know it to work with are Snom, Yealink, Aastra, Cisco/Linksys. Mulitcast is an option in the features menu. You can set up an unlimited number of multicast groups, each running at a different multicast address/port so you can support zone paging if required. SIP multicast requires Asterisk 1.8.7 or later.
  • Addition of a timezone drop-down box in the networking section. This is only for Debian based systems.

DEB v4.0.0-56 vs. DEB v4.0.0-57

  • added additional jquery validation
  • added multicast paging with new mcast table

RPM v4.0.0-57 vs. RPM v4.0.0-58

  • consolidated delete processing and added additional jquery validation

RPM v4.0.0-54 vs. RPM v4.0.0-57

  • The fixes and their implementation sequence introduced in the rpms and the debs got out of synch now.
  • added span variable into app create
  • Fix to srktimer.php for dual db

DEB v4.0.0-55 vs. DEB v4.0.0-56

  • vendorxref table creation (after DROP) inserted (restored) into /opt/sark/amacs/cr001
  • Panel now has outcome menu item preselected.
  • EXTENSIONS options group now includes the voice mailboxes (*EXTN)

DEB v4.0.0-54 vs. DEB v4.0.0-55

  • DDL SQLite3 statements moved from /opt/sark/amacs/r1620 and r1833 to cr001 which is executed first at each install / upgrade time.
  • Post install script now makes the sark.db move and the globals updations first.

RPM v4.0.0-54 (now) vs. RPM v4.0.0-53

  • SARK Stop Fix
  • Routing now accepts lowercase x, n, etc.
  • DialPlan pattern fixes for \[, \]
  • Code consolidation achieved betweeen DEB and RPM

RPM v4.0.0-53 (now) vs. DEB v4.0.0-52

  • /etc/cron.d/sark has second line commented out now
  • GNU Public Licence not in DEB
  • /opt/sark/scripts/ now has sysroot variable default from Deb to RHEL for sounds folder
  • /opt/sark/php/srkHelperClass.php now has 2 more variables in public function qDistro:
    • $distro['pika']
    • $distro['soundroot'] (defaulting to /var/lib of rhel-centos-sme)
  • The other existing qDistro function variables are:
    • $distro['rhel']
    • $distro['centos']
    • $distro['sme']
    • $distro['debian']
  • /opt/sark/php/sarkivr/view.php now uses distro['soundroot'].
  • /opt/sark/php/greetings/list.php now uses distro['soundroot'].
  • The SAIL Deb Release has the .sail-release file in it but in the case of the RPM it is generated in the post install script.
  • The SAIL Deb release has 2 extra files in the /opt/sark/amacs folder:
    • r1833DEB : Network (320) and Firewall (330) Panel entries
    • r1833ZARM : PCI Cards menu entry (280) removed as no cards will be in base ARM box.

Fixes to SAIL v4.0.0-53 (RPM)

Successful Tests