SARK V2/V3 Differences

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SARK V2/V3 differences

SARK V3.1 differs from V2.x in several major respects.-

   * SV3.1 does NOT run in the SME server manager, instead it runs completely unprivileged under the regular SME apache webserver. the url is
   * SV3.1 has almost all of its code in a single directory tree which makes it easier to manage and port
   * SV3.1 has no SME server dependencies
   * SV3.1 uses SQLite3 to store its data (SV2 used the SME Perl database)
   * SV3.1 uses its own in-line asterisk code generators (SV2 used the SME templating system)
   * SV3.1 has a re-engineeered AGI which makes extensive use of jump vectors and shorter instruction paths to speed up processing
   * SV3.1 is more functional than SV2 yet has about 10% fewer lines of code.
   * SV3.1 uses a new, css-driven screen layout incorporating useful cross-referencing of entities.
   * SV3.1 has no equivalent of the SV2 headers panel. Instead header information is modified in-file using the Asterisk File Edit panel.
   * SV3.1 has no Carriers Panel and a heavily simplified Carrier list. Existing carriers will be automatically converted for you during data conversion (see conversion note below).
   * SV3.1 can run natively under vanlla Centos 5 with either Apache or Lighttpd.