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Sark exposes the underlying Asterisk "conf" files for inspection and update. Click on Asterisk->Asterisk Edit to open the Asterisk Edit panel. This shows a list of all of the Asterisk configuration files.

V4 asteriskedit 1.png

Scroll down or search for the file you wish to inspect/modify and click the edit icon to open it.

V4 asteriskedit 2.png

Make your changes and click on the save button. N.B. in many cases you will also need to issue a commit to action the changes you have made.


There are some Asterisk files which SARK exclusively manages. These files are:-

  • agents.conf
  • dahdi-channels.conf
  • extensions.conf
  • features.conf
  • iax.conf
  • queues.conf
  • sip.conf
  • sark_agents_main.conf
  • sark_iax_localnet_header.conf
  • sark_iax_main.conf
  • sark_iax_registrations.conf
  • sark_queues_main.conf
  • sark_sip_localnet_header.conf
  • sark_sip_main.conf
  • sark_sip_registrations.conf
  • cdr_mysql.conf

If you click to edit any of these files, they will be opened read-only in the browser.