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Call Groups

Call groups are used to ring a group of phones either in unison or in sequence. The reception screen is shown below. Fields/cells shown in blue can be edited in-place by double clicking on them. More edit options can be found by clicking the edit button for the relevant call group.

V4 callgroups.png

Adding Call Groups

To add a callgroup; click Call Group at the top of the ACD sub-menu. Then click the “new” button to create an extension.

V4 callgroup add.png

The data fields are as follows


A unique number for this call group


ring, hunt, page or alias


Tenant which this callgroup belongs to


default, None, OTR, OTRR, Inbound

Ring Time

default 20 seconds


Alpha tag to be sent to the target(s)

Target Numbers

The "target" consists of a list of extensions separated by white space. An extension may be a local extension on this PBX, a call group on this PBX or a PSTN number. It is also possible to include an extension on another SARK PBX in the list but you must specify its full dial address. For example to include extension 6024 on SIP peer (trunk) "remote1" you would enter "SIP/6024@remote1".

Alert-info string

Device specific ringtone directives


short description




The "outcome" is taken when a call group has finished ringing (due to the ringtime timeout expiring or because no endpoints are available to take the call.).