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For Debian based SARK Appliances (S200 & S500) SARK has a network GUI which allows you to set various aspects of SARK's network view. This feature is not available on SARK SME-server based appliances and systems becuse the SME server itself handles these functions.

V4 network 1.png

Network Tab

By default, the system is initially set to get its IP address info from DHCP but you can set it statically by clicking off the DHCP checkbox and entering your details manually *WARNING* If you set a new IP address then as soon as you press save, the SARK box will change the IP and restart its network interface. This happens very fast. You must then re-contact SARK by pointing your browser to the new address.

You can set the localhost name to suit your taste. By default, on SARK hardware it is set to S{model number}, e.g. S200, S500, S850, S1000, S1200.

It is a good idea to set the SSH port to some value other than 22 to avoid dictionary and DOS attacks, unless you use port triggering/mangling in your router in which case you can leave it as-is. If you do change it, don't forget to open the new port in the firewall and to close TCP 22 (sere the section on the firewall).


Non-SME Server versions of SARK don't have an on-board mail-server. Instead they have a lightweight send-only sendmail emulator called SSMTP. IN most can just fill out the hostname, UID and password of your local mail server and it will work just fine.

V4 network 2.png

Timezone/NTP Tab

You can set your time zone and NTP server pool using this tab

V4 network 3.png