SARK V4.0.0 Timers

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Timers are used to set the PBX into one of two states; namely "open" or "closed". In traditional PBX systems these states were often called day-time and night-line. You use these states in a trunk entry to handle calls differently depending upon the time of day or date.

V4 Timers.png

Blue Cells can be modified by double clicking on them. The asterisk (*) has a special significance in the timer definitions, it means "all". For example in the screenshot above, the first timer entry shows a closed start-time of "17:01" and a closed end-time of "08:59". All other values (day, month, year) are set to * meaning all days, all months and all years. Similarly, the second entry shows that we are closed on Saturday, ALL times, ALL months and ALL years, i.e. every Saturday.

To add a new timer, click the "new" button and a new row will be shown in the table which you can edit to your taste.
To delete a timer click the trash can at the end of the relevant row.